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In this entry of our Education series, the Groundwork Gnomes tell us all about content delivery networks (CDNs) and why they're beneficial.


We're so proud and excited to welcome the works IT customers to Groundwork!

Lay the foundation of your web presence.

It’s our mantra. We’ve been helping people build their web presence for over 9 years. What does that mean? Well, no matter what you’re doing, it’s usually best to start with the foundation, the essentials. Let’s break it down real quick with the first two important essentials of a web presence: domain names and web hosting.


Every website needs a domain name. This is your website’s address – like a road to your house, you need a domain name for people to easily get to your website.


The second necessity for a website, is web hosting. Like the ground on which your house sits, this is where your website lives. Some web hosting even includes tools to build the site itself – like our Managed WordPress and Website Builder!

We have lots of seriously valuable tools to secure your site and increase performance, so browse around and keep an eye on News & Education to learn more.

Gnome, Sweet Gnome

Your domain name is the road to your website’s home. It can be anything you want, but the best ones are short, relevant, and easy to read, pronounce, and remember. With Groundwork, you can own an unlimited number of domains that all forward to the same website. Get searching and snag your ideal .com (or .net, .xyz, .co, .store….) starting at just $5/year!

Business-Class Email

Create any account you want on your own domain name – like sandy@cookiesgalore.com or gnomes@LayGroundwork.com.
Show commitment to building your identity with every email you send and set an established tone with an unlimited email account for only $1/month/account!

SSL Certificates

Protect your audiences’ personal information,
build trust in your brand,
don’t get flagged as an unsafe website,
AND boost your site’s Google ranking, all with one simple product.

Website Management

These plans are jam-packed with value for your website and your business. Let Groundwork manage your website’s SEO, backups, security, performance, and more, so you can keep managing your business.

Word on the street…

Groundwork Hosting has been a huge help getting my website together. I very much appreciate the persistent strive for quality web design. I’m not the most tech savvy and it was a breeze with Groundwork’s experienced staff on my side.

Dan L.

Owner/Operations Manager, Lautz Building and Remodeling, Cincinnati, OH

Groundwork hit the ground running after our initial meeting, with business development ideas that benefitted my company almost immediately. Extremely responsive, easy to work with, and took my company to the next level!

Dion D.

Founder, Finest City Fiduciary, San Diego, CA

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