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It all starts with a domain

Your domain name is the road to your business’s online presence. It can be anything you want, but the best ones are short, relevant, and easy to read, pronounce, and remember. With Groundwork, you can own an unlimited number of domains that all forward to the same website. Get searching and snag your ideal .com (or .net, .xyz, .co, .store….) starting at just $5/year!

What can you do with a domain name from Groundwork?

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Managed WordPress

Web Hosting

So you’ve scored the perfect domain name. Sick! 🎉

Proper web hosting is the next key step for a high performing website. Our most popular plan is Managed WordPress hosting for its security, performance, and flexibility to create anything from a simple informational website and blog, to a powerful eCommerce membership site. Get Managed WordPress today for less than $10/month!

Business-Class Email

Create any prefix you want at your own domain name – like sandy@cookiesgalore.com or sales@professionalco.net. Show commitment to building your identity with every email you send and set an established tone with an unlimited email account for only $1/month/account!

SSL Certificates

Protect your audiences’ personal information, build trust in your brand, don’t get flagged as an unsafe website, AND boost your site’s Google ranking.

Website Management

These plans are jam-packed with value for your website and your business. Let Groundwork manage your website’s SEO, backups, security, performance, and more, so you can keep managing your business.

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