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It all starts with a domain

Your domain name is the address to your business’s online presence. This is what your audience will type into the browser to get to your website, like It can be anything you want, but you’ll want to shoot for something short, relevant, and easy to read, pronounce, and remember. You can also have as many domains as you want that all forward to the same website. Get searching and snag your ideal .com (or .net, .co, .studio….) today for less than $10/year!

Now what?

So you’ve got a domain name, next – proper hosting is key for a high performing website. Hosting is simply a server (a very fast computer) where your website files live and how they’re available for the public to browse. Our favorite plan is Managed WordPress hosting for its security, performance, and flexibility to create anything from a simple informational website and blog, to a powerful eCommerce membership site. Get a Managed WordPress plan today starting at only $7/month!

Not ready for a website?

You can still build your brand recognition and ooze professionalism with a custom email address. You can create any prefix you want at your own domain name – like,, or Show commitment to building your identity with every email you send and set an established tone with an unlimited email account for only $1/month/each!

Managed WordPress

You create your own dynamic website hosted at Groundwork. We manage your setup, backups, and security.


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