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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to my Groundwork account?

Simply visit account.LayGroundwork.com to login and mange your products, account profile, and billing details.

I forget my Groundwork username or password!

Not sure of your credentials? No problemo, here’s what you need:

I forgot my username

I forgot my password

How do I login to my Groundwork email?

To login to your email account that you purchased at Groundwork, just visit email.your-domain.com. For example, email.LayGroundwork.com.

(If that doesn’t work, in some rare cases, your login site may be mail.your-domain.com)

How do I manage my WordPress website?

You can manage all of your products by logging into Groundwork at account.LayGroundwork.com and scrolling down to click the desired product, then click Manage.

In most cases, you can also login directly to your WordPress website at your-domain.com/admin.

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