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New Help Center!

by | Sep 3, 2017 | News

“The gnomes here have been hard at work redesigning a user-friendly information hub from the ground up.”

We’ll admit, Groundwork’s been slacking in the “Help Center that doesn’t suck” department for a while. But man, did we turn it around! The gnomes here have been hard at work redesigning a user-friendly information hub for our stellar customers that’s not only concise, but just as importantly, easily navigable and easily digestable.

People are getting more and more empowered to try building and working on things themselves, and we think that’s exciting! However, that means it’s more important now than ever to provide help in a way people can easily access and digest, to be an enabler of confidence. This was a huge motivator in rebuilding our new Help Center.

You knowledgable folks are also on the move quite a bit more lately, so the Help Center needed to be extremely mobile friendly. Because of the loads of information a holistic Help Center needs to provide, it must be logically organized and easily navigable, especially on the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets. We’re super proud to have accomplished a clean, easy-to-follow layout so our users can find the answers to their questions faster and without the frustration of hunting around a forum.

We also completely understand the need to get more information, ask a specific question, or just plain have someone walk you through new territory! That’s why our helpful support gnomes are standing by, ready to answer any question, day or night, from our always-free 24/7 support number:


We hope you find the new Groundwork Help Center as concise and supportive as we do! Check it out today and let us hear your comments below!

Check out the new Groundwork Help Center!

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